A great revolution in Marbet Design

The year 2013 meant for us wide-ranging changes. To start with, we changed the name and logo of our brand, transforming Marbet Decor into Marbet Design. We decided that the new name perfectly captures the company’s mission, which is to provide customers with modern and well-designed products of the highest quality. But this was just the beginning.

We conducted a number of studies with the participation of top in-house and outside experts. We analysed the market situation, watched closely the trends and followed them. Then, as part of modernizing our product range, we invited renowned industrial and interior designers to develop a concept for our new products.

As a result, this autumn will see full collections of our stucco items: mouldings, rosettes and decorative elements that are sure to gain your approval. Furthermore, we decided to alter the look of our packaging so as to make it more modern-looking and user-friendly. The way of displaying our products in stores will change as well. We have also created a catalogue of our products with an attractive new layout.

All these actions have one goal – to best meet the needs of our customers. We believe that we can achieve this objective. Watch out for our updates – and be assured that there will be plenty of them.