Who we are

About the brand

A room gains its style and ambience from colour, carefully selected furniture and decor items. But its ultimate character is determined by how it is finished.

Marbet Design’s mission is to provide originally designed mouldings, rosettes and decorative elements that you can easily use to give your room its own unique style. Our products are more than just the latest trends and top quality. In our vision, stucco can fulfil your dreams of beautiful interiors with a personality.

About the Company

With more than 37 years of experience, Marbet is a prominent player on Polish and international markets. It is a company run by people with a passion, their purpose being to create objects of beauty and original design.

Marbet is a renowned manufacturer of foamed polystyrene packaging for home appliances, furniture for a Swedish international company and interior design items which, under the brand name Marbet Design, have already become a showcase of Marbet’s potential.

Our latest brand is Marbet Style offering elegant and original lines of furniture. This further proves that at Marbet we constantly seek striking solutions and new ways of designing, implementing proprietary technologies and opening up for new aspects of business, sometimes going beyond the company’s regular activities.