Marbet Design – who we are?

We produce decorative moulding and other decorative elements under the brand Marbet Design, reflecting the best decorative traditions, which we interpret according to the latest trends in interior design combined with creative concepts by Polish designers. Our rosettes, wall mouldings, skirting boards, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted tiles, ceiling beams and 3D panels come in a wide range of patterns, making them an attractive addition to home and public interiors of all styles – from the traditional to the ultramodern. Marbet Design high quality mouldings are popular among architects, decorators and designers both in Poland and across Europe.

Why decorative mouldings?

We believe that the environment in which we live, work and relax has an impact on our quality of life.

Decorative mouldings add elegance and character to public spaces such as offices, restaurants, hotels and hallways, with even the most standard interiors taking on their own style.

Our home is our refuge where we can be ourselves, which is why home interiors must create a suitable backdrop to our daily lives. Thanks to decoration, our home can reflect… what is within us.

Marbet Sp. z o.o. is a Polish family firm founded in 1980. We produce polystyrene moulding and packaging, including nursery trays under the brand Marbet Green. The company is showcased by Marbet Design decorative interior items. Meanwhile, Marbet Bausystem is our line of thermo-insulation products for energy-efficient and passive buildings. Our newest brand is Marbet Felt, with the mission to design and manufacture the latest user-friendly and environmentally friendly products according to the principles of sustainable development and with respect for the natural environment.