Like Harmony, the Energy collection is the work of the Silesian designer duo Michał Latko and Łukasz Smolarczyk, who drew their inspiration from the Polish modernism of the 1950’s and 1960’s. The wall decorations in the collection emanate… positive energy. The Energy collection is both bold and dynamic – perfect for modern interiors, to which it adds expressiveness. It provides a bold feature that defines the character of an interior. Meanwhile, in classical interiors it acts as a counterpoint, either elegant in white on white walls, or used against a background of vivid colours to make a stunning impression.

The Energy collection is in line with the latest trends in interior design, even though the designers, Łukasz Smolarczyk and Michał Latko, drew their inspiration from 1950’s and 1960’s Polish modernism.

The wall decorations in the collection use alternating surfaces and interesting graceful details to create an effect that is emphasised by the play of light and shadow. Most notable are the intricate jewellery-like rosettes with a pattern of repeating squares, as well as the wall mouldings with flowing lines.

The Energy collection includes wall and ceiling mouldings, rosettes, pilasters and other decorative elements to create a composition of interesting textures, shapes and forms, bringing a distinctive character to both classical and ultramodern interiors. Energy sparks the imagination and brings boldness to visual experiments. It attracts attention and leaves you unable to remain indifferent.