The inspiration for the designers of the Harmony collection, Michał Latko and Łukasz Smolarczyk, was the Polish modernism of the 1950’s and 1960’s. As the name suggests, the wall decorations bring harmony, calm and order. The collection is both sparing in expression and pure simplicity. It uses non-ornamental cubic forms and is a contemporary take on historical decoration. It rings with an echo of the maxim by the American architect Louis Henry Sullivan ‘form follows function’, according to which wall decoration cannot mask the architectural function of a building.

The decorative Harmony collection was created by two designers from Silesia, Michał Latko and Łukasz Smolarczyk, who were inspired by Polish modernist architecture.

The Harmony collection includes wall and ceiling mouldings, rosettes, pilasters and other decorative elements. The wall decorations in the collection demonstrate how beauty can lie in simple, repeated geometric shapes. Most striking is the beautiful modern-style rosette. Harmony brings calm and order. Both elegant and unassuming in expression, it matches interiors of any character, both classical and ultramodern. It brings calm to eclectic interiors, emphasises the charm of details in hipster style interiors and blends in with loft style arrangements. How it is used is purely up to your imagination.