3D decorative panels

The collection of decorative 3D wall panels is in line with the latest interior design trends. The decorative panels can be used in interiors of different character. They look spectacular on large wall surfaces, they can also be used individually as a decorative element or combined with decors from other Marbet Design collections. The only limitation is your imagination… 3D panels bring an individual character to any room, regardless of its size, style or purpose.


Our decorative 3D wall panels have an allure that is accentuated by the play of light and shadow. The final effect depends on where they are placed and the type of lighting to produce a subtle or dynamic effect. The 3D wall panels come in white, but can be painted in any colour with the use of water-based paints. Colour is what can emphasise their unique charm. Panels in a variety of colours can be used to easily create an original eye-catching decorative wall composition.

3D panel collections

3D panels fulfil a decorative function, but they also have practical uses. Installed on whole wall surfaces, they make large interiors feel cosier. In horizontal strips they restore the correct proportions to very high interiors, while vertically they optically raise ceilings. Painted in pastel or bright, shiny colours they can make small interiors seem larger. 3D decorative wall panels also increase the thickness of the walls, providing additional soundproofing and insulation. Installation of the panels is very simple and does not require advanced techniques or tools.

3D panels in the living room and bedroom

Before 3D panels became the hottest trend in home interior decoration, they were used in public interiors: conference rooms, waiting rooms, hotel lobbies, restaurants and even shops – wherever a good impression is important. And a wall covered in 3D panels provides a spectacular effect. Currently, 3D panels are an element commonly used by interior architects in designs for private living rooms and bedrooms. Usually, 3D panels are used to cover one wall, for example behind the headboard of a bed, behind a television or sofa, or as a backdrop to a dining table. The pattern continues from one panel to the next, creating a three-dimensional ‘flowing’ surface, which when accentuated with the correct lighting creates a real wow effect. 3D panels can also be used to frame a fireplace or wall recess, or as an original picture. White 3D panels on a white or pastel background are intriguing, and when painted an intense colour attract all the attention. 3D panels are ideal for modern and minimalist style arrangements. They also break the monotony in classical arrangements.

Decorative 3D Panels

The Marbet Design collection includes white and grey 3D panels in a variety of patterns: geometric, floral and abstract. They can be easily matched to the character and purpose of an interior – private, commercial or public in a classic or modern style.