3D felt decorative elements

3D felt decorative elements With decorative elements from the Ecoline collection, a three-dimensional wall effect can be achieved. 3D elements can be combined in compositions of any size or used individually as a subtle element of interior design.


Walls should not just be flat surfaces and a backdrop for furniture. A thoughtful and imaginative wall decoration determines the character of the whole room.

With the colourful 3D elements from the Ecoline collection one can create original, yet inexpensive and easy to install wall decorations.
Ecoline includes square decorative elements in three three-dimensional designs: Wave, Orion and Diamond, which allow to create endless number of patterns. The most spectacular decorative effect is achieved by combination of Ecoline with the same 3D pattern over a large area.
The attractiveness of 3D decorative elements is emphasised by the play of light and shade, hence when using Ecoline in wall decoration, it is worth considering the type and positioning of lighting.

Individually and in pairs

Ecoline look attractively in large compositions, for example in spacious halls or living rooms. They also create an interesting effect when placed individually, as a colour accent. The 3D decorative elements are square in shape, with the size of 400 mm by 400 mm. They are single-sided – the back is light grey and the front is available in a large range of colours from the COLORINO fabric group.

A glance at eco

The 3D decorative elements are made from polyester fabric, more than 50% of which are rPET fibres derived from recycled PET bottles. Eco-friendly fabrics have thermoforming properties, making it easy to achieve three-dimensional, decorative shapes. The texture of the Ecoline decorative elements resembles felt or wool, so that they are pleasant to the touch and create the sense of cosiness.

Functional decoration

3D decorative elements increase the thickness of the wall and therefore they insulate and soundproof the room.

Easy assembly

Installation of the decorative elements does not require advanced techniques or tools. Ecoline is installed directly on the wall with the use of an installation adhesive.