Felt decorative elements

Felt decorative elements – Flatline. With the Flatline elements one can create visually attractive and customized wall decoration. They work well in modern living rooms as well as in teenagers’ and children’s bedrooms. They will satisfy the expectations of all those who believe in the idea of “My style, my interior.”

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Felt decorative elements from the Flatline collection are double-sided – they are light grey on the back side and their front side may be in any felt colour available in the swatch book. They come in six shapes: two sizes of squares, isosceles and equilateral triangles, as well as rectangles and hexagons, which can be freely combined to create geometrical patterns on walls.

Large patterns made of Flatline elements make a spectacular effect in larger spaces, for example in living rooms or hallways, while compositions with fewer elements or smaller sizes work well as wall decoration behind bed hadboards in bedrooms or as dining room decoration.

Ready-made sets

The Flatline collection is also available in ready-made sets, which can be used to create compositions of various sizes according to the pattern included in the set. It is ideal for those who want to arrange their walls in a customised, quick and easy way – without having to spend extra time designing.

More than just decoration

The decorative elements are products made entirely of polyester fabrics, including more than 50% of fibres from recycled PET bottles. Their texture resembles soft and warm wool, so they are excellent at helping to soundproof rooms by eliminating reverberation. For this reason, they are often used in bedrooms and children’s rooms. In addition, Flatline elements can protect children from painful hitting their head against the wall, which is why they are also recommended for use in play areas. With the help of felt decorative elements, it is also easy to conceal flaws in wall surface and protect walls from soiling. Flatline can also serve as a comfortable backrest. For example, they can be installed in hallways behind the seat where shoes are taken off.


Decorating walls with the Flatline collection requires no specialist skills and does not require a messy renovation process. Felt decorative elements are installed directly on the wall using the double-sided adhesive tape included with each individual element and ready-made set.