Lamella panels

Lamella panels are part of a very popular trend in interior decoration. Available in many colour configurations, the lamella panels offer a variety of design possibilities – they can provide an aesthetically pleasing backdrop to furniture, matching the mood of the room, or act as a stand-alone decoration, determining its character. Lamella panels are often used as an element to accentuate or visually separate parts of interiors. At the same time, they improve the acoustic insulation of rooms by eliminating the echo effect.


Fashionable design

Our lamella panels are available in light and dark colours and wood tones, which blend strikingly with the grey or black felt backing. They like a modern, minimalist style, but also industrial and even scandi interiors.
They can be installed in any room, with the exception of wet bathrooms, across a whole wall or over a section of it, possibly as an attractive wainscot, or even covering part of the ceiling or the front of furniture. The lamellas create a visually appealing, three-dimensional background for modern furnishings and fabrics in elegant living rooms, they can highlight a dining nook in kitchens or a work area in living rooms, while arranged behind the headboard of a bed, they are a cosy decorative element and a comfortable backrest at the same time. They will add character to corridors, offices and public spaces. The lamella panels allow for decorative experimentation. They can be used to create compositions, mesmerising in their beautiful vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines.

The practical role of lamellas

The lamella panels improve acoustic comfort in interiors – thanks to their felt backing and 3D structure, they insulate rooms from external noise and at the same time soundproof it, eliminating echo. For this reason, they work well in children’s rooms or in bedrooms, or by protecting the household from noisy neighbours, but also in home studios or work rooms.
With lamella panels, it is easy to conceal imperfections in plaster and hide unsightly accessories such as cables. On the other hand, they can be installed in areas prone to rapid soiling, such as at the edges of walls or behind hangers in hallways. Installed vertically, they optically raise ceilings, while horizontally they enlarge rooms.

panel lamelowy


Felt-backed lamellas – unlike their wood panelling predecessors – are easy and quick to install. They are fitted directly to walls or other surfaces using TITAN mounting adhesive, which requires no specialist skills. They take the form of lightweight square and rectangular panels that can be cut to the desired size with a saw or jigsaw. They are non-toxic and non-flammable and therefore safe, as well as resistant to wear and tear. A damp sponge with mild detergent is all that is needed to keep them clean.