Ornamental ceiling and wall mouldings

Interiors without decoration can be comfortable and functional. However, it is decoration that brings them to life, gives them character and makes the home a place that you are eager to return to, the office a comfortable place for work, and a hotel lobby the promise of a luxury holiday. A popular decorative element are ceiling and wall mouldings, which you can install yourself without the help of a specialist to freshen up an interior at a reasonable cost.


Light and easy to install ceiling mouldings are used as a decorative frame for the ceiling, or to mask imperfections on the line between the wall and the ceiling. Used as a cornice they optically lower the interior, and when lit up they raise the ceiling.

Interior decoration

Wall mouldings bring rhythm to wall surfaces and a classical order and calm to an interior. At the same time, however, the play of light and shadow on the ornaments brings life to the interior. Wall mouldings can be either the same colour as the wall or in contrasting colours. They can be used with wallpaper, building plaster and upholstery fabrics, e.g. using moulding to frame a section of wall covered in wallpaper gives the illusion of a wall recess. Wall mouldings are also used to optically separate off spaces with different functions, or to accentuate part of an interior. They are ideal as a frame for fireplaces, windows, doors and also mirrors, pictures and cupboards. They can be easily used to create a decorative composition, together with rosettes, consoles and pilasters. Skirting boards, ceiling and wall mouldings look great not only alongside other decorative elements, but also with 3D panels.

Practical uses

Wall mouldings also serve a practical purpose, e.g. they can be used to hide uneven surfaces or cracks in the wall. They are often used in combination with skirting boards, which aesthetically connect the wall and the floor and are useful for hiding cables. For example, the HF-3 wall moulding in the Intero collection is designed for use with LED strips, providing modern and atmospheric lighting.


The Marbet Design range includes plain, minimalist ceiling and wall mouldings, but also richly ornamental ones that bring to mind various eras and styles in European art. There are models with simple geometrical patterns, others with discreet abstract ornaments or reflecting the art of antiquity, and yet more with lush foliage decoration… Our Silver line of wall mouldings are painted silver with geometrical motifs, while those in the Gold collection are in rich gold.

The wall and ceiling mouldings and skirting boards come in white, and can be painted using water-based paints to make them blend in with the wall surface or to create a bold contrast.