Plain ceiling and wall mouldings

Decorative moulding has to grow on you. While it has been used in architecture since antiquity, in the modern and post-modern era it disappeared from both house facades and domestic and public interiors. Then it became a symbol of kitsch and bad taste, of a preference for excess and pompousness. However, it has now returned to favour. Its functional and decorative value is appreciated and modern ceiling and wall mouldings, rosettes and other decorative items are used in the decoration of both classical and modern interiors. Currently, polystyrene decorative moulding is the most popular, which, thanks to new production technologies, is light and easy to install, giving designers a free hand to use their imagination to define the character of interiors.


Plain ceiling and wall mouldings suit classical, modern and minimalist interiors, providing both a spectacular effect and elegant wall decoration.

As a backdrop, but not in the background

When arranging private or public spaces, we focus our attention on the furniture and accessories. However, it is important to remember that not only the floor but also the walls play a deciding factor on the overall impression of an interior. They provide a backdrop but are not merely the background to the overall composition. They act like a picture frame. Plain ceiling and wall mouldings are ideal for high, spacious interiors, to which they bring order and elegance. They look particularly good in subtle shades that emphasise their elegant lines: white, dove grey and ivory – in combination with walls in similar colours and plain wooden floors and furniture. However, they can also provide a colourful feature. When painted in an intense, contrasting colour they break the monotony of a wall, standing out boldly. They are not at their best with an excess of decoration, but they can be used with care alongside rosettes and other decorative elements.

Practical uses

Ceiling mouldings provide a decorative frame to the ceiling. They also hide imperfections between the ceiling and the wall. They can optically raise or lower an interior. Wall mouldings in the form of rectangles and squares give an impression of calm and order. They can also be used effectively to connect wall sections covered with wallpaper with painted sections.


The Marbet Design range includes both plain and richly ornamental ceiling and wall mouldings in various designs and widths. This means it is easy to match them to the size, height and character of an interior. Our ceiling and wall mouldings are easy to install with the use of special Titan adhesive, making them not only visually attractive, but also an inexpensive solution to interior decoration.

Our plain white ceiling and wall mouldings can be painted with water-based paints to make them either blend into the wall surface or stand out in contrast.