Rustic beams

In the search for unique, interesting elements for interior decoration, it is worth considering the use of rustic beams. As a decorative feature, the beams bring a natural, homely feeling to interiors and are an ideal addition to many exceptional arrangements. Although rustic beams are mainly associated with wooden houses and properties in the heart of the countryside, they can also be used effectively in blocks of flats, lofts and apartments. Thanks to the use of the latest technologies, Marbet Design rustic beams are light, hard-wearing and resistant to moisture, as well as being easy to install.


Many of us dream of a home in the tranquil countryside filled with the scent of apple pie, coffee and meadow flowers. The rustic style, with its characteristic rustic beams, brings this dream to life… Even in the centre of a crowded city.

A bit of history

Most of us would place the beginnings of the rustic style in rural cottages, but the truth is decidedly more complex. Its origins go back to the American plains, where ranchers, who were cut off from civilisation, decorated their homes with whatever they had to hand. In contrast to colourful folk art therefore, the rustic style prefers minimalism and utilitarianism without losing any of the cosiness and comfort of the home. It is unpretentious and natural, and rustic beams are the ideal material for bringing to life these beautiful traditions.

In harmony with nature

In choosing the rustic style, you need to forget any ideas about fancy furniture on curved legs and with rich decoration. Rather, it is worth going for simple furniture and decorative elements of plain wood or old planks with visible knots and cracks. Other elements that match the rural style are linen tablecloths, traditional lace, patchwork bedspreads, metal fittings, wicker baskets and chairs, ceramic vases filled with meadow flowers and scented herbs, and… rustic beams. Everything in the colour of the earth – beige, grey and white. Rustic beams also go with minimalist interiors, to which they bring a touch of warmth.

Rustic beams: easy installation

Although natural beams are beautiful, they have several key drawbacks. The most important is their weight, which makes them difficult to install. For an easier, cheaper and safer solution, it is worth looking into Marbet Design rustic beams. The use of high density polyurethane foam guarantees low weight and simple installation (no drilling into the ceiling is required), and also gives an authentic and natural look. The beams emphasise the character of rural style interiors, while in modern, loft and minimalist interiors they bring with them the spirit of slow life.