Skirting boards

Although they are inconspicuous and rarely appreciated, skirting boards are an integral decorative element of almost all interiors. Like rosettes, ceiling and wall moulding and other decorative products, they are an ideal complement to both classical and modern interiors… and often are the deciding factor in whether a given arrangement is effective or not. Not without reason our ancestors used to say that the devil is in the detail. One such detail are skirting boards, which are certainly of decorative value although their principal function is to hide the floor expansion gap. Without them even the most beautiful interiors would look somewhat unfinished.


There are not many elements of an interior that are subject to so many hostile factors. Apart from the occasional kick, knock and scrape, skirting boards must also deal with wet mops and the teeth of our four-legged friends. For these reasons they must be high quality, hard-wearing and durable. Marbet Design skirting boards are made of modern materials (hard extruded polystyrene) and technologies that guarantee both ease of installation and cleaning, as well as many years of use.

Beautifully designed, highly functional

Skirting boards are one of the last elements to be installed during the decoration of home and public interiors. But last does not mean the least important. Badly chosen skirting boards can ruin interesting and carefully designed interior arrangements. Their shape, colour and height should harmoniously accentuate the interior without altering its proportions. The Marbet Design range includes skirting boards in minimalist and functional designs that guarantee an elegant finish and are ideal for interiors in various styles. The HF-3 skirting board is designed for the installation of LED strip lighting, providing a unique finish to the floor and modern, atmospheric lighting.

The ideal skirting board?

What’s the best way to choose the ideal skirting board? The selection of skirting board depends on the effect that you wish to create in an interior, as well as the floor material and the colour of the walls. It is also worth taking into account the size and height of the interior. Low skirting boards are ideal for small interiors, while high skirting boards, as well as ones in a colour that contrasts with the wall surface, are for large interiors as they reduce the size of the walls. Remember too that skirting boards can be painted in any colour using water-based paints.