Wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted tiles

Wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted tiles are ideal for interior decoration that emphasises the ambience of a room as well as the taste of the owner. Wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted tiles can be installed on the walls, ceiling and other surfaces, for example on the fronts of furniture. Wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted tiles can also be used to easily hide uneven surfaces or holes in plaster, as well as mask the incorrect proportions of an interior. They can also provide soundproofing and even insulation, and are highly popular as they provide interesting decorative effects and are at the same time inexpensive and easy to install.


Just like 3D panels, decorative wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted tiles are a popular interior design trend as they provide many interesting arrangement options. You can of course cover whole walls and even the ceiling with tiles, but they are most often used to cover one wall or part of a wall in a horizontal or vertical strip. They look particularly attractive on larger surfaces as the pattern on one tile matches up with the next, creating a large patterned surface, for example meadow flowers, lines and flourishes, or geometrical shapes. Tiles of different colours and patterns can also be used in combination, while the charm of wall or ceiling tiles can be accentuated with the appropriate lighting.

Wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted tiles – practical and charming

Wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted tiles are useful for easily masking imperfections on walls, or damage and holes in plaster. They can also be used to protect walls from the artistic activity of children, clumsy tenants or animals. Tiles increase the thickness of walls, thus providing soundproofing and insulation, although this is not their principal function. In suitable arrangements, they can optically shorten or lengthen walls, and raise or lower ceilings, in other words improving the proportions of an interior. One great benefit of tiles is that installation is quick and easy and can be done on your own without specialist equipment or skills. Our overlap and contact tiles are made of expanded polystyrene (EPS), are light and usually come as 50 cm square tiles with a thickness of 8-15 mm. They are installed on clean wall or ceiling surfaces covered with adhesive by gently pressing them on and then removing any excess glue.

50 types of pattern and design

The Marbet Design range includes 50 types of wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted tiles in classical and modern designs, ensuring that everyone can find a model that suits their personal taste and matches the character of their interior. Our range has tiles with foliage motifs, flower designs, large and small geometrical and abstract patterns, textures similar to concrete, a sandy beach, snow and fabric. There are also versions in white, beige or yellow. Remember that white tiles can easily be painted any colour of your choice using water-based paints.