Upholstered panels

The upholstered panels in the Softline collection offer unlimited possibilities for creating three-dimensional compositions. They are available in geometric shapes and various textured fabrics in a wide range of colours. This makes them suitable for interiors of all sizes and styles. Upholstered panels act as a spectacular decoration, and help to some extent to reduce the reverberation effect.


3D effect wall

In today’s interior design trends, unconventional wall decorations reign supreme, especially those with a 3D effect. Softline upholstered panels, which give a three-dimensional impression thanks to heavily bevelled upholstery foam, are extremely effective across both entire wall surfaces or selected sections. Softline panels are not only elegant, but also soft and pleasant to the touch, hence they work well in the design of the hallways, bedrooms, home offices, seating areas in living rooms and children’s rooms. By combining them with other decorative wall materials such as Woodline lamella panels, you can visually accentuate zones with different purposes – simply by matching the shape and colour from the wide range available to achieve the desired effect.

Functional decoration

The soft and pleasant-to-the-touch upholstered panels can act as a comfortable backrest. For this reason, they are often installed in halls next to bench cabinets for removing shoes, and also behind beds in place of traditional headboards. With Softline panels, the bedroom becomes not only elegant, but also comfortable and cosy. Upholstered panels can also be placed on the edges or joints of walls to protect them from damage and to add an original touch to unused spaces.
A “cosy” wall also works well in children rooms. Placed behind the child’s bed or in the play area, the panels protect little ones from painful falls or bumps, and are also a pleasant-to-the-touch covering for cold walls. In addition, they insulate the room and help to better muffle sounds coming from other parts of the house, thus allowing the child to sleep peacefully.

Be calm

Softline upholstered panels are not only a unique wall decoration, but also a practical solution to help quieten interiors. Thanks to the use of thick upholstery foam, the panels help to dampen sound and reverberation within rooms. The Softline collection is suitable for creating a cosy relaxation area in the recesses of a flat, a panelled living room area may increase the sound quality during film screenings, and home offices, children’s rooms or bedrooms not only gain in originality, but also have reduced echoes.


Easy installation

The Softline collection of upholstered panels are installed using the strong Velcro strips included in the set. Installation does not require specialist skills and is easy to do yourself.