Harmony and Energy – new collections

On 6 November 2013 Warsaw’s Institute of Industrial Design saw the premiere of new Marbet Design collections designed by Michał Latko and Łukasz Fragstein. The show was attended by journalists, designers, Marbet distributors and representatives.

Łukasz Fragstein, one of the designers, talked about designing the new collections, sources of his inspiration and the final result in the form of stucco items meant for creating unique, beautiful interiors.

There was also a speech by an expert in the field of new trends in interior decoration – Ms. Katarzyna Rzehak, Creative Director at the Institute of Industrial Design. She discussed the processes taking place in our society in recent years and their impact on public and private interiors.

Music was provided by the excellent DJ Cai Caslavinieri.

The names of the new collections – HARMONY and ENERGY – reflect what is characteristic of them and what roles they are meant to play in your room. One is intended to harmonize with the interior making a subtle addition that blends with the surroundings. The other one has a more expressive and bold form to make the interior more dynamic and emphasize the convention adopted.

While drawing from the history of art, both Marbet Design collections have been adapted to modern trends. They were inspired by jewellery and natural ornaments.

Like the Marbet Style furniture, the new Marbet Design collections exploit the tradition of Polish modernism from the 1950s and 1960s. In particular, they make use of the retro style, which returns again in the work of the young generation of designers. The authors of the ENERGY and HARMONY collections respond to the needs of contemporary Poles, offering them an opportunity to express their individuality and break out of the ordinary.

“Modern interiors with added stucco elements embody new values gaining true character and individualism. It only takes a striking idea and quality materials – which, we believe, is the case of Marbet’s new collection, ideal for creating such wall and ceiling compositions,” says Łukasz Fragstein, designer of the Marbet Design collections.

Marbet’s latest lines prove that stucco can be really modern and perfectly fit in with the latest trends in interior design.