Decorative products

Marbet Design decorative products are designed for home and public interiors. Our rosettes, pilasters, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted tiles, mouldings, 3D panels and other decorative elements are in line with the latest trends in interior design. They are high quality, hard-wearing and come in interesting designs. The range includes classical patterns and modern interpretations, thanks to which the decorative elements are ideal for both historical and modern interiors, giving them individual, unique character and elegance.


Michelangelo, the greatest artist of the renaissance, wrote “Trifles should not be disregarded because trifles make up perfection, and perfection is no trifle”. Maybe decoration is a trifle as it does not fulfil a utilitarian role like a door, armchair or lamp, but, used consciously, it can serve as the proverbial dot on the ‘i’. No matter if it is used sparingly or spreads boldly across the entire surface of walls and ceiling, decoration is what sets the ambience in an interior.

Decorative products make every interior, irrespective of size and style, take on its own individual, unique character. They bring boldness to modern spaces, elegance to classical interiors and fantasy to vintage interiors… They can be used both in residential interiors as well as in public buildings, e.g. offices, waiting rooms, galleries, restaurants and hotels. For this reason, decorative moulding and 3D panels have for a number of years been an important element of interior design.

Decorative products such as moulding, wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted tiles and 3D panels open up a wealth of possible arrangements. They can be used according to classical rules, for example by using pilasters to bring rhythm to walls, and rosettes as a backdrop to a lamp or candelabra, or you can let your creativity run wild. Here, it is worth quoting George Bernard Shaw, who said “Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine, and at last you create what you will”.


Using Marbet Design decorative products allows you to quickly and cheaply change the design of an interior, as installing decorative moulding and 3D decorative panels does not require specialist equipment or advanced engineering skills. All you need are the basic tools, a careful hand and concentration. Decorative products are light and simple to install. A hand saw and mitre box allow you to prepare mouldings of the required length and to cut the necessary corner angles. A spirit level is also useful to help you position them precisely on the wall. Decorative moulding and 3D panels are installed on the wall or ceiling using TITAN PLUS or TITAN PREMIUM adhesive, which are available in the Marbet Design store. You only need to remember that the surfaces must be dry and clean of dust and grease.


Rosettes, wall and ceiling mouldings and skirting boards can be used effectively in combination with other decorative products – that is decorative elements such as pilasters, niches, consoles, corners, connectors, tiles and 3D panels. They can be installed on a selected fragment of wall or ceiling, or across the entire surface. Decorative moulding and 3D panels go well with building plaster, wallpaper, brick and upholstery fabric. Mouldings and pilasters can be used to join surfaces with different finishes. As Marbet Design decorative products may be painted using water-based paints, they can easily be matched to the colour of the wall and ceiling, or painted a different colour to create a contrast.